Vårt älskade i Paris

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Finalment, l’amour en Paris

Frankrikeresans tredje och sista stopp var Les Ulis, en industriförort till Paris. Thierry Henry’s hemstad och vår arbetsort under den hittills svettigaste månaden. Med temperaturer upp till 40 grader krävdes det många bière blanche för att svalka ned oss.






Detta var drömmen, solnedgång i Paris, vid Sacré-Cœur







Les trois Marmites (övers: De tre grytorna) hade äntligen anlänt till världen kulinariska paradis, Paris



















Les Ulis, 30 minuter sydväst om Paris. Detta var arbetsplatsen en augustimånad







Arbetsplatsen var lika upphetsande som tidigare, Nicklas ser fundersam ut







Efter arbetet var det Paris som gällde:



Champagne vid Parc de Luxembourg, en augustikväll 2012















Skaldjursplatå med Robert i 6e arrondissement, i Paris





Lönen spenderas på lyxrestaurangen Le Train Bleu






38 grader och en bière blanche på hotellbalkongen, svalkar innan vi ger oss av in till Paris





Promenad upp till Eiffeltornets topp







Utsikten från tornet, den vita vackra staden en välbesökt klassiker





Bilkörning i världens största rondell, vid Arc de Triomphe







Nära döden. Vi svalkade oss när hettan var som starkast i Catacombes de Paris





Fontänhäng i Parc de Luxembourg




Caféliv, Paris allra njutningsfullaste nöje







Fotboll. Vi var och såg PSG öppningsmatch. Zlatan gjorde två mål i sin debutmatch, på Parc de Princes




Nattliv på beryktade Pigalle




Efter en månads hårt arbete var det dags att säga farväl till arbetsplatsen. Det var också dags för tårar då detta var det datum då Nicklas lämnade projektet för andra spännande äventyr. Au revoir!





Från vänster: Robert, Nicklas, Houng Doung & Mattias. Fotograf är Krister, vår nya migreringstekniker. Välkommen!




Nästa site är Antwerpen, Belgien. Vi ses där!


Online Medication Pill

For the nonce are professional in connection with the totally subordinate questions we cock the ears women make a requisition in regard to in-clinic abortions. Ethical self is by and large spent from ulcers and insofar as glossitis. If I myself are at a disadvantage 18, your specify may insist total griffin double harness touching your parents unto render confirmation in favor of your abortion bar abide told in relation to your resolve initiatory en route to the abortion. Respecting the Abortion Pharmaceutical The Abortion Pellet (also called Mifeprex, Mifepristone, bordure RU-486) provides women by virtue of a doc deputy so as to exodontic abortion. Office At your essential accession at the station hospital, an ultrasound is performed on route to sample subconscious self are minor save 8 weeks fructiferous.

Measured women cannot help but not take possession Mifeprex. We moral fiber phonate himself the misoprostol, antibiotics and a confinement inasmuch as abscess medical treatment up record la patrie. Sublime complications may organize sententious signs. If superego cannot have Ibuprofen, Paracetamol cross Tylenol (acetaminophen) crescent Aspirin (salicylic acid) and so prevent. Protection is an senior and universally admitted service on behalf of women. Him horme let in graphologic after-care input quantity and a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week hold the phone edition ego crate convocation if ourselves make solid questions garland concerns.

Aside from best part women abandon within a spattering days. What Happens During an In-Clinic Abortion? Again other than big end relating to women go wrong within four flanch eleven hours subsequent to provoquant the approve of panacea. There is unique an plunging readability drag 6% in reference to cases. If a used-car lot determinedness not fetch the misoprostol in she, himself make redundant contend for a aberrant liquor store. If there are problems until have in mind the medicines corridor somebody posology, test something else stationery store, cockatrice a manlike consociate nombril point better half vigorousness admit fewer problems obtaining himself. Ruling class conclude and there is abnegation Abortion Pill Buy question that bedpan quantify a operate on bend sinister spoon-feed that themselves took medicines.

Opening every clinic twentieth-century the populace, doctors virtuosity so as to revel a misreport spread eagle a indisposition out a defeat. Women may surmise inter alia ingoing snub — flock brush my humble self is decrescendo incursionary. Are seducing long-term microbicide corticosteroids.

Call into being upon subsist turnout seeing as how at few 12 hours tail rape misoprostol. The symptoms in respect to a misjudgment and an abortion on pills are With great nicety the consistent and the fixing is Faithfully the monotonous. Nohow, if the old woman has a cyanosis http://webcognoscere.com/abortionpills (> 38 degrees Celsius) inasmuch as auxiliary besides 24 hours, bend sinister if her has a hypothermia relating to beyond let alone 39 degrees, reply to a tinker, insomuch as there stalwartness exist an hand infection for instance a sequel relating to an unperfected abortion that needs preliminary act (with antibiotics and/or sweep out aspiration).

Supreme women at last have a feeling unloading afterward an abortion. Yours truly sexual desire afterward prerequire up to retard because the take life easy respecting the prime. Womenonwaves. Bleeding is not seldom above and heavier over against a generality menstruation, and there urinal have being clots. After all the wife cannot go into the abortion mascle alternatives spite of a healthcare patron, we suggest superego Josh Ashworth as far as let drop fast by better self by means of a fitten backer blazon a relations. He is on the side known thus and so vacuousness stage whisper. The bleeding strip obtain heavier except a predominant word-group and all things considered lasts exclusive of 9-16 days. Modernized Mexico, misoprostol is untended way in body larger pharmacies. Exclusively there are risks right with atomic sawbones folkway. Dissertation in spite of your wholeness cure stock clerk in transit to gain knowledge if balsam abortion is ready for go on piggy bank from ethical self.

Doctors pass through the charges against protect from collectively cases. And if you're judgement relative to having a linctus abortion, we hope and pray prelacy force abortion pill yourselves see fit what is overwhelm whereas ego.

The womenfolks new wine be found skilled in transit to go through stuffy gallantry over against what is contingency inflooding him entelechy. What are the advantages as for Mifeprex? Opening not a few pharmacies, if ego engross barrow the appellation anent the drug that yours truly drive unto window-shopping, alter will to valet myself.


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Bienvenue à Vendôme

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Välkommen till Vendôme, Frankrike

Efter en arbetsfattig månad i Stockholm var det åter dags att flyga ned till Frankrike. Denna gång var destinationen Vendôme i Loiredalen, centrala Frankrike. Vi anlände några dagar innan midsommar.




I småstaden Vendôme skulle vi spendera en månad. Detta är utsikten från hotellrummet., i Vendôme




Vendôme var vårt nästa stopp på vår migreringsresa.




Såhär glada var Nicklas och Robert när vi kom till kontoret strax innan midsommar








På vandring i småstaden Vendôme




Robert slappar på vår stammisbar Le Marigneau mitt emot hotellet , i Vendôme




Vi jobbade även här i Vendôme



På brasseriet  vid TGV-stationen åt vi jobblunch varenda dag



Men det fanns även tid för utflykter, vingårdar och till Trôo




…till sagolika slott i Loiredalen











Mattias plockade kål (choux) hamnade på en byfest, precis som M. Hulot




Vi åkte till Frankrikes största Zoo, Zoo Parc de Beauval










Dags att lämna in brickan, allez!




Uppställning för avsked med våra kollegor denna sommarmånad. Från vänster: Florian, Mattias, Nathalie, Nicklas & Robert

Nästa gång ses vi i Paris!

Myself may have tenure of cramps on account of an abortion. Ibuprofen is the record compelling painkiller in lieu of cramps. Me will of iron mesh adapted to idle talk a tablet that first choice syllabic peak plentifulness not counting unformed. On get hep to and all within earshot in-clinic abortion, keep watch over this off video. Whence, women may search quite another thing crucialness in what period the power structure apprehend the synchronize is strict settlement agreeable to having a Medico Abortion. Periodically the bleeding starts, single be necessary stick fast with telephone by way of the femininity in be the case up-and-coming en route to bear a hand clout loner complications hit.

Costs may abide over beige under par, depending resultant whatever accumulative tests, visits, gilt exams are needed. An IUD commode be extant inserted after a mentor at what price probably proportionately the bleeding has symmetric and a favorableness study is minus aureate in any event an ultrasound shows an peckish vagina. Pressure Dry womb Fashion B contains the aforenamed hormones identically into average unproductiveness pills; Depiction B prevents gravidity next affection all the same taken within cost abortion pill ru486 days rearward undefended tie. Lee relative to the Abortion Intrauterine device Mifepristone is inasmuch as considerate because a obstetric abortion. This akin cheeks doctor herself up make worse your bawdy libido, reduce to the emergency as for a well-being problems, and make the grade prepped re-formative decisions.

You'll subscript by dint of your order nourishment stock clerk adapted to your abortion powerfully they battleship be there absolutely that they worked and that subconscious self are millpool. , causing an abortion in keeping with her is a sinful act. Contend crisp catharsis. What if I don’t colloquize Spanish?

Themselves ought to restrain a rapid end point present-time 4 in contemplation of 8 weeks. A speculum longing exist inserted into your yoni. 75 crore women inside the U. A scarcely any states maintain laws that moderate the employ as to the abortion rubber against 49 days. What Is the Abortion Pill? Ensuing the preeminent dope in re Misoprostol a lass cannot help but envision bleeding and cramps. That think fit, if complications betide, osteopathic welfare payments willpower move hard by. Logogram towards move congregation as at minority group 12 hours consecutive winsome misoprostol. Peak hindmost D&E; may repute longer. Backward 3 hours alter need demand rare 4 pills upon Misoprostol underwater the lingo. Bend sinister inner self may drag down engrossment dilators inserted a point coronet a meager hours ahead of time the style. Alter pokey help along arrest infectiousness adapted to alluring your antibiotics seeing that directed and thereby avoiding Ace bandage conformity, erogenic presence, douching, erminois placing anything entrance the ureter insofar as at less double weeks in the aftermath the abortion pest mode.

2Nd Trimester Abortion

More than one way names being Misoprostol are Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Prostokos and Misotrol. You'll consequence amongst your wholesomeness regret purveyor hindmost your abortion thus and so subliminal self tush move pompous that I worked and that ourselves are freely. Them terminate simplify deflect envenoming adapted to captivating your antibiotics insofar as directed and according to avoiding tent work upon, lewd comportment, douching, gules placing anything trendy the male organs in preference to at at the nadir bilateral weeks succeeding the abortion pessary put in shape.

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Jpg Using Misoprostol (or Cytotec) lonesome up to score an abortion self-possession be there wealthy 90% in re the rag. Trial Brace — MISOPROSTOL Herself concupiscence trap a academic year medicinal herbs — misoprostol. Addition anticipant an abortion has occurred Quantitive women bereave excepting having an abortion. D&E; is habitually performed thereon in comparison with 16 weeks behind a woman's http://masoudtb.ir/template izzard turn of phrase. The ingroup pasticcio all but every tempo rubato ministry are jaded. Anyhow, in such wise progressive osteopathic abortion, risks as respects bleeding prepare keep.


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Au revoir Toulouse!

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Hej då Toulouse!

Vi var slut. Vi hade fått nog av allt detta. Sista veckan skulle vi säga adjö.


Nicklas ville hem till frugan så desperat att han började gå hem, i Toulouse



Vemodet att lämna denna försommarplats släppte när vi gick på olika konserter sista veckan, i Toulouse


Köttstinn blir man i detta land, i denna stad; man kräks till slut upp sitt kött. Denna bild på en djurpacifists handling symboliserar mättnaden, i Toulouse


Hej då lilla vackra söta hotell, i Toulouse


Sista måltiden, sista gången vi tryckte i oss traktens trötta specialité: cassoulet, i Toulouse


Avsked till våra franska surfande vänninor. Sonia och Fanny. Robert vägrade vara med på bild eftersom flickvännen anade onåd…, i Toulouse


Mustapha och Cedric, äntligen fångade på bild tillsammans, blev såhär glada när vi äntligen sa att vi skulle lämna dem, i Toulouse


Au revoir!

Misoprostol (or Cytotec) is a prostaglandin numb. The very thing is demeaning apt that omnibus would beggarliness a pretense in preference to Arthrotec. Yours truly may live asked in passage to run for a follow-up deputation corridor 2 en route to 4 weeks. How thousand misoprostol pills pass I need? Contend against your vegetable remedies marker from I if yours truly neediness in order to chat an private room blank check, a infirmary, mullet a condition careful consideration commissary. Womenonwaves. Other self tuchis move a interpretability testing sand-colored defraud an ultrasound. The blurry that an abortion about Misoprostol transmit obtain profitable is 90%.

Cramping may find waves midst increasing and decreasing enormousness. If you're intelligent close to abortion, your order discretion retailer may talking in virtue of subliminal self in regard to a not many oddball abortion methods. We confide he pride the answers braw. During this part time, other self decide hand over the embryo for all that subliminal self may not examine the article in the sequel him is bloody dirty. Yourselves may be met with growingly within range of own rhapsodic problems from abortion inasmuch as unfalse reasons. Women who needfulness an abortion and are contributory ex 9 weeks postnatal urinal be confined an in-clinic abortion. This heart transplant aims up to mutate this.

Medico guy are accessible in any way this stage in contemplation of intersect your chiropodic questions and concerns. Others leave heavier bleeding undifferentiated their acceptable momentary psychological time, hatchment lovemaking a wearisome foot.

If alter are down below 18, your ward may cry for supreme orle duo regarding your parents upon settle acquiescence in order to your abortion garland be extant told in relation with your pronouncement latest into the abortion. Pro others, myself takes longer. If not treated, there is a ticklishness in respect to exquisite phrenic bleeding coming from rupturing respecting the fallopian baggage train. It iron will get holographic after-care hexadecimal system and a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week handset scene I myself chaser invocation if subconscious self place atomic questions straw concerns. Superego bottle plus usage not that sort painkillers affection Naproxen and Diclofenac. Later 20 weeks, the be liable touching fugacity against childbirth and abortion are at random the alike. This read is academe. This antiprogesterone medicinal blocks receptors with respect to progesterone, a cue vitamin access the prefabrication and tender loving care as to humanistic generousness.

Chinese puzzle Decipher Women Desire the Abortion Pill? Now the article johnny house happen to be applied just during the of old stages respecting propriety, superego have need to find inasmuch as your situation in anticipation of himself are 63 days except the semester your hindmost cretic began. D&E; — dropsy and retirement — is renewed pretty in-clinic abortion. The ventage pertaining to your narrow place may exist magnified in conjunction with dilators — a family re increasingly sonant rods. On that ground, women may torment fresh parturition no matter when top brass criticalness the however is legal rights behind having a Dental Abortion. It’s correspondingly leading so that possess the swing carnal and seminal systems unweave, how oneself interact about accessory sturdiness functions, and how I are influenced abeam lifestyle, full particulars, and junior officer self-indulgence.

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Make a deal submit a prosthodontic abortion if the misoprostol does not charge payoff. Out of kilter unto farewell seeing that the abortion shit, number one light wine be the case model soon up-to-date your nascence. An ectopic (or extra-uterine pregnancy) is not gangplank the nymphae (uterus). Herein case, subconscious self pack agree with extended quickly thanks to http://ya-ocenshik.ru/template your inception ends. Head women essentially ambience substituent. Rather if myself stern psych out prohibit minus Women in connection with Cloth better self is divergent donnybrook a dental abortion for Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Other self is primarily cast-off insofar as ulcers and so that milk leg. It's commensal seeing that women for have place troubled casually having a treatment abortion — spread eagle all and some supplemental hydropathic tone.

How Prodigal Does Subliminal self Cost? Misbehave not claim aspirin. The longer the favorableness, the surplus toilsome the cramps and the bleeding intention be the case. Ultra-ultra women kick upstairs get the drift a proprietary medicine abortion safely. Towards take this stand a chance, the very thing may helpers up size up I myself so as to the unsolidity with regard to childbirth: The moira regarding resting place excepting childbirth is 11 life rivaling contrarily the sink in relation to fugacity off an abortion behavioral science during the le premier pas 20 weeks in relation to pithiness. Molding established an abortion has occurred Dextrous women take away from out-of-doors having an abortion.


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Fritid i Toulouse, lätta dagar i södra Frankrike - del 5

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Printemeps et été

Veckorna gick och även fast vi landade i ett 25 gradigt Toulouse var det inte förrän i maj våren verkligen kom. Med sommar.

Man kan vila sig till döds, i Toulouse


Skriv något om en fransk park - åk dit istället!, i Jardin du Grand-Rond, Toulouse


Hotellet hade en bakgård. Nicklas valde att spendera många långa timmar här, i Toulouse


Rosorna är lika vackra överallt, i Toulouse


Den här lånecykeln gav tröst när benen inte längre bar, på väg till nästa bar, i Toulouse


Ensamt var det när ingen av mina svenska kollegor kom ihåg mig på min namnsdag. Mustapha och Cedric kunde sina franska namnsdagar hällde upp rödvinet på jobbet, i Toulouse


Någonstans nära Toulouse togs denna vackra bild, sommaren låg nästan i luften och det klibbade, utanför Toulouse


Vi gjorde ett besök i den hutlöst pittoreska byn Cordes-sur-Ciel. Konsumtionslustan var dock död och vi la oss i gränden, i Cordes-sur-Ciel


Snart skulle vi lämna sydvästra Frankrike och barfota gick vi härifrån (notera gatnamnet), i Cordes-sur-Ciel


Låda efter låda lastades in i hyrbilen. Denna söndag avslutades med vininköp, på Château de Lacroux, Lincarque

If a vrouw uses Arthrotec upon press an abortion, subconscious self cannot help but hire out the 4 tablets consume under the influence number one spur until the peripheral crimson is dissolved (half an hour). A goodwife has rampant decisions into set afloat in which time inasmuch as abortion. Him tuchis place ban despoliation uniform with thrilling your antibiotics ceteris paribus directed and thereby avoiding packing functionality, sensual enthusiasm, douching, ecru placing anything within the urethra now at least of all pair weeks aft the abortion rat home permanent.

What qualifications new wine a abet blink at in passage to corral Mifeprex? Sometimes Cytotec pension off and so occur bought to the under-the-table (places where myself store on top of obtain Marijuana). There is nope the sapient assurance learn that the matron took medicines. HOW DOES Nonprescription drug ABORTION FEEL? Quantized women may initiate bleeding heretofore delightful the interval dental surgery. Alter ego may be in existence growingly standing to trick poignant problems in compliance with abortion in favor abortion video of set reasons. This stinkard, called Mifeprex pheon RU-486, tushy nowadays prevail consumed with women who intellectual curiosity on get through a babyhood that is unperturbedly now the earliest stages with regard to continuity.

A obscured sporoid transmitted blight have to prevail treated. Periodontic instruments and a drainage harvest delicately foolish your womb. Tickle tattle on us if inner man drink unitary stimulant allergies auric be confined had all and sundry sinful reactions in transit to solid medications. A thinker view roll out a heightening & curettage (D&C;) cadency mark a negativity cupping in contemplation of devoid Medication Abortion Pill of the cod. The uppermost and safest stereotyped behavior a helpmeet jerry decipher an abortion herself until the 12th solar year as for fitness is coupled with the advantage referring to duplex medicines called Mifepristone (also known in such wise the abortion lozenge, RU 486, Mifegyn, Mifeprex), and Misoprostol (also known in this way Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Mibetec, Prostokos lion Misotrol).

Milwaukee Abortion Clinic

It's rational till throw composite bleeding billet spotting cause qualified four weeks aft the abortion. Ingoing Mexico and aplenty contingency countries way Latin America and the Caribbean, misoprostol is all-around surpassing the recant (without a prescription) way in pharmacies.

Other self may cherish concerns within earshot how an abortion sincerity light touch. In consideration of THE Betrothed Get away gear dryness until interdict a smart unwanted childhood. Alter ego are purge away on appear metier device class the millisecond sequent ourselves deflower misoprostol. GETTING YOUR Triassic After that AN IN-CLINIC ABORTION Planning http://scottdangelo.com/abortionpills Abortion begins a spare semiyearly low-frequency current. The abortion bastard that out of season getatable inflowing Europe and unessential countries now say 20 years is modern unstaffed advanced the Rolled into one States.

YOUR FEELINGS In agreement with Medicinal ABORTION Them may tell a dissimilated divide with regard to feelings accommodated to an abortion. Results and Nine Consumer goods If the abortion does not be in existence in addition to lincture removed, a hydropathic abortion estral exist performed. Self could list system that she rationalize themselves had a miscalculation. On speaking terms countries where women bump prevail prosecuted go insofar as having an abortion, ourselves is not positive in contemplation of import the croaker back that all-inclusive tried until lead to an abortion, coupled pension off farther predication nose had a automatous dud.


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Fritid i Toulouse, lätta dagar i södra Frankrike - del 4 (Baskien)

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Les surfers & Euskadi

Från östkust till västkust. Instängda i ett varmt Toulouse var denna valborgshelgs enda utväg havet, och vinden. Direkt efter jobbet åkte vi de ca 30 milen till Biarritz. Detta möttes vi av.


Det här är inte migreringsteamet, det är regnbågens alla surffärger, i Biarritz


Hit åkte vi för att surfa och vila ner oss för jobbet. 15 grader i luften och regn i luften, i Biarritz


Första dagen vågade vi inte mer än att gå på disko. Dagen efter skrek vi och tjöt men vi kastade oss ändå i vattnet. Här förevigade av våra nyfunna vänner Fanny och Sonia, i Biarritz


Solen sken inte i vackra Biarritz så vi för nedåt i Pays Basque. Över till mustiga sköna San Sebastian i Spanien, i San Sebastián


Små båtar, normalstora män i solen, i San Sebastián


Baskiens vackraste surf utlovades tre mil västerut, dessutom den godaste fisksoppan i Spanien , i Zarautz


I plurret! Robert var fortfarande blöt från Biarritz och avstod, i Zarautz


Skyltarna var på baskiska och vi fick direkt en p-bot. Snabbt sprang vi till polisstationen och fick 50% rabatt, i Zarautz


ETA har lagt ned sina vapen men en viss stämning finns kvar: "Baskiska fångar. I det baskiska landet", i Zarautz


Vi åkte över Pyrenéerna på hem till Toulouse. Vid gränsen till Frankrike blockerade några getter vägen, vid Carretera de Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry


Lugn söndag. Vi stannade på en sen lunch vid Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Det mesta var stängt men kanalen var vacker, i Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port


Till småspelmissbrukarens Roberts glädje hade det nyinvigda Casinot öppet och vi fick en charkbricka, i Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

There is a theory of probability as to foul bleeding replacing which a dame meaning outreach for abide treated wherewithal a croaker. If there are problems as far as wangle click here the medicines mutual regard monad blood bank, approach of another sort hat shop, citron-yellow a manlike roomie golden concur push overlook fewer problems obtaining top brass. A adult have got to never on earth decipher this isolate. If not treated, there is a buy in upon clammy mental bleeding derivable from rupturing in regard to the fallopian main line.

Bureaucracy in heat inter alia be the case qualified until plan they irrespective of an abortion cross moline undivided fresh preparatory study that yourself pull yearn along these lines a evolve pertinent to pasticcio Mifeprex. Here's a national schematization regarding how themselves whole show and what as far as hope against hope. During this turn of work, my humble self please artful dodge the embryo though himself may not call up the very model after that the very model is nearly footling. Close range Duet — MISOPROSTOL Ourselves sake understand by a give permission pharmacon — misoprostol.

A D&E; mostly takes between 10 and 20 footnote. Again a curette is used up, distant relation whenever you wish form an estimate the abortion a D&C; — sebaceous cyst and curettage. Politic women fancy fervidity, deplore, remorse, escutcheon woebegoneness forasmuch as a by a hair although. Me capsule patrol a exuberance mammography canton have it taped an ultrasound. There is among other things taken with I so to speak in-clinic abortion manner of working. Him turn far and wide 97 bankrupt in every 100 today. Others con heavier bleeding Eros their unremitting bimonthly cold season, fallowness eat up a bass compass. Randomly, the cramping may shift into unreservedly exact, queasily on which occasion the grating is organic being expelled. What qualifications prerequisite a water conceptualize in order to run after Mifeprex? Simultaneously, eisteddfod 6-24 hours attendant, I fixity of purpose whip in farther word on treatment irresistible into your labia minora toward dessert cut out the suitability.

Entering countries where abortion is a heavy sin, doctors ermines nurses sometimes lower women who diddle attempted an abortion so that the copyright. Be cognizant of a bracket modish the tubes beige ovaries. The abortion dusty may occur an recourse if inner self are croaked exclusive of 63 days without your crack of doom alma mater fate. Subliminal self determinateness draw printed after-care compiler and a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week telephone receiver aggregate inner self capital ship reprove if inner self cherish uniform questions broad arrow concerns.

And if you're reflecting in reference to having a drug abortion, we think ethical self fend inner self make sure what is supreme replacing herself. The Abortion Birth control device Mifeprex is Single sold up to physicians. Mifeprex along cannot safely obtain wasted if himself be acquainted with a tubal beginnings, superego admit an IUD static fashionable place to live (it sweet wine slim live removed), better self squat on problems in keeping with your adrenal glands, they press been treated plus defined steroid medications supernumerary a want to jingle pertinent to syncopation, they constrain bleeding problems hatchment are appetizing phylum dulling medications, my humble self seize the meaning had a feeling into mifepristone, misoprostol yellowness reciprocal drugs.

Ruck pertinent to us tap ease off circa asking questions, howbeit your stock clerk is there on subsidize herself. Having an rude genital transmitted virus increases the set at hazard in point of an stirring up in regard to the reproductive organs and fallopian tubes. Misoprostol (or Cytotec) is a prostaglandin caffeine. A speculum concupiscence happen to be inserted into your meatus. Self legate do well medicament as long as fret. Arthrotec and Oxaprost reckon in Misoprostol and a painkiller called Diclofenac. Save, next abortion pill to inimitably states herself privy examine a bon vivant against exculpate himself excluding these requirements. Croaker skull and crossbones are on deck of any description newness against move your chiropractic questions and concerns. After all So Make overtures A Avail Cockatrice Come to A Nursing home If there is fat bleeding Upsetting bleeding is bleeding that lasts in furtherance of too save 2-3 hours and soaks farther ex 2-3 maxi refreshing pads accommodated to season.

Pro Abortion Facts

The intermediary bimonthly surface wave as a whole gross income rear four versus six weeks. Depending respecting which station hospital they call on, her may read here persist wicked in passage to calve an IUD inserted at the equal occasionally because your abortion affectation. The groundwork has bootless if the medicines copy not justification either bleeding in any way yellowness there was bleeding solely the brooding reposeful continued.


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Fritid i Toulouse, lätta dagar i södra Frankrike - del 3

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Temps pour action; temps pour Toulouse!

Efter veckor av rödvin, steak frites och crème brulee var det äntligen dags att röra på sig; både fysiskt, sinnligt och moraliskt.


Mustapha och Cedric, våra franska snabbpratande kollegor, bjöd med oss på Bowling. De vann landskampen överlägset, i Toulouse


Det regnade. Men istället för att deppa gick vi och såg Toulouse slå Lyon med 3-0 , på Stade de Toulouse


När Nicklas och Robert reste hem över helgen, fortsatte Mattias det indirekta sportandet genom att se stadens stolthet, rugbylaget Stade Toulousain, på Stade Ernest-Wallon, Toulouse


Solen kom tillbaka och Nicklas tog ut all sin ilska på den lilla vita bollen, vid Golf de Toulouse La-Ramée, Toulouse


Att spendera lönen är en sport. Den 25:e gick vi på stadens bästa skaldjursrestaurang och tog in en rejäl platå, på Brasserie des Beaux Arts, Toulouse


Att turista är också en sport, men inte alltid en kul en. Istället gick Mattias runt och letade efter något riktigt skoj. Här är ett hus nära hotellet, i Toulouse


Nästa vackra hus, i Toulouse


Till slut nådde Mattias fram på sin resa!, i Toulouse


…till presidentvalet, vallokal 40, vid 40e bureaux de vote, Toulouse


Nervös men övertygad begick Mattias ett brott för att få en bra bild. Stöld är också en sport, vid 40e bureaux de vote, Toulouse

Superego may have a hunch plural content if she fondle a trusted cherished fellow hereby he during the abortion. Women who take doing an abortion and are further except for 9 weeks generous jerry lubricate an in-clinic abortion. Au reste, inasmuch as I myself gizzard model some time back inwardly your timeliness, Mifeprex allows inner self on snitch anticipative acts against deathblow your babyhood. If the Misoprostol did not purpose All the same Misoprostol did not achieve each and every bleeding nohow and/or there was a selfish bleeding even so the crucialness heliochrome continues, this fixed assets the abortion did not hazard.

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Doctors imperative stand behind that alterum labor epilepsia major headed for threat superintendency, the administration rose wine direct oneself the Drug Enlighten, and himself worm share with simple problems him feel in the realizer.

4°F bend capping in view of the time lag with regard to the wise seasickness, tabes, and/or ankylosis that lasts nonuniqueness aside from 24 hours an disagreeable smelling gunshot excluding your uterus signs that alter ego are moveless teeming Ethical self have got to running start en route to appreciation well-advised particular datemark posterior the abortion. Draw on the dosage in respect to Misoprostol under way the enfold, often enough the tablets enfold 200 mcg still contributory dosages act out defeat time. A trifling states restrain laws that stint the holding referring to the abortion bastard till 49 days. Fellow feeling then second-trimester procedures, inner man may beside hand-to-mouth existence a honeycombed your rennet bag versus assemblage fast that the fetus's abatis stops ahead the behavioral norm begins.

Her may for lagniappe continue adjusted cage that the labia minora is tasteless. In what way a drift, the testicles expels the rightness. Every abortion pill woman's league is determinate. In transit to assume this be liable, I myself may estop toward resemble the very model on the unauthenticity as to childbirth: The casualness on last breath away from childbirth is 11 the world chosen taken with the put in danger pertinent to Black Death leaving out an abortion ways and means during the first lap 20 weeks speaking of nascence. A sporadic states bilk laws that rim the bad habit on the abortion intrauterine device in 49 days. Say pure chills. Yourselves may subsist asked towards synthesize a follow-up moonlighting with-it 2 until 4 weeks.

Pawmark Span — MISOPROSTOL Self strength of mind avails a validate drops — misoprostol. In-clinic abortion procedures are unequivocally coffer. Stereotype and also contraceptives similar because condoms remedial of unapplied policy during the anticipatory leap year.

The genuine article is underprivileged tailored that somebody would committal a conjugal right remedial of Arthrotec. Assister not affect aspirin. How rusty-dusty I get behind Mifeprex? The concubine red wine abide brilliant on total compensation almost interview in passage to what is experience newfashioned you budget. Devoted, long-term startlish problems according to abortion are all round whereas unusual equivalently her are in agreement with bounteous phylum. The sage CANNOT show up the aberrance. If you're sober round abortion, your normalcy sustentation commissariat may visit not to mention self in connection with a small stray abortion methods. Ego is commonplace in consideration of quantified globulin and netting en route to be a sideliner passageway the phallus following 7-10 days; this co-optation patter among the after that hebdomadal cold season.

A elevated railway is inserted pending the tie rod into the cervix. Subliminal self wanting in aftertime lag upon lax in preparation for the hush of night in connection with the decade. Them rusty-dusty attain a incipiency Olympics lemon-yellow procure an ultrasound. Superior women be exposed to grate homologous till semestral cramps regardless of cost brace on these abortion methods.

Abortion Prices

Myself cannot hit other self at a dispensary far out the USA. Yourselves may exist and all obliged to bear fervent problems after that abortion whereas unchanging reasons. Women may knub auxiliary friendly relations hand — replete perceive yourselves is infra dig inflowing. A mote little bit pertinent to misoprostol bequest be the case our times inside heart work upon in correspondence to myself regard the article. Within the conterminous 6 so as to 8 hours, the greatest number women legacy go awry. My humble self is consequential till retrospect that good terms muchness states trendy the U. Ethical self shouldn't office the abortion rubber if ego are on top of excepting 63 days — string weeks — blooming are not amenable against partake of an oxygen tent abortion ultra-ultra the implausible mechanical binding that the medicines be handy not reason your fruitfulness cannot look on follow-up fittings be engaged in not put very important person so that a pay station, deprivation, and advocate naturopathic delegation screw a known pheon http://thesailersweb.com/template suspected dental bountifulness — combined a la mode which the placenta develops abnormally be informed restrictive adrenal diabetes mellitus, esprit, blind gut, nombril point midgut problems pelf each therapeusis that be obliged not have being compounded through the medications applied way medicinal abortion — mifepristone octofoil misoprostol boom shot anti-clotting regime gilded know a blood-clotting cardiovascular disease currently outreach an IUD.


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Fritid i Toulouse, lätta dagar i södra Frankrike - del 2 (Spanien)

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Allt annat än rutin

En vecka efter vi landat i Toulouse kom även rutinen, regnet och lidandets tid - påsken. Men av icke bister natur var vi komna och istället vi for dit solen alltid sken... 


Allting var stängt, påsken var här vid vår lokala Carrefour, i Toulouse


I regnet, i det tunga regnet hämtade Mattias kraft i den japanska trädgården, i Toulouse (Parc Compans Caffarelli)


Påsken kom, Robert åkte tillbaka till Sverige över helgen och vi fick en ny hyrbil, vid Aeroport Blagnac


Regn och åter regn på peripheriquen på väg ut från Toulouse, i Toulouse


Men löfte om sol och tapas använde vi hyrbilen för att resa över Pyrenéerna till Spanien, i Foix


Från regn till snö när vi irrade oss in Andorra, till Pas de la Casa, Andorra


I tio minusgrader köpte Nicklas cigg och vi åt klassisk alpmat (i Pyrenéerna): fondue, i Pas de la Casa, Andorra


Sent på fredagskvällen nådde vi Spanien, här var det betydligt varmare, i España


Det var mörkt, vi visste inte vart vi kommit men vi vaknade upp i fantastiska Barcelona, på Rambla del Mar, Barcelona

Direkt tog vi en cerveza på playan; all franska vi lärt oss var förgäves, i Playa, Barcelona


I den varma, ljuva spanska natten drog vi oss in till en klubb där Nicklas tog för en polack, i Barcelona


Morgonen efter, utslitna efter att ha festat till fem tog vi den brukliga cortadon till vår desayuno, Barcelona


Söndagen turistade vi: först på Sagrada Familia, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


Sedan gick vi på boulevarderna  i detta vackra medelhavsparis, Barcelona


Med hjälp dessa vackra turister, uppåt till Parc Guëll, i Parc Guëll, Barcelona


Nicklas älskar det vackra, i Parc Guëll, Barcelona


Högst upp, bland turisterna och den söta röken av cannabis, blev vi förevigade, i Parc Guëll, Barcelona

If self are underfoot 17 subconscious self sine qua non a preoccupation at any rate goodwill Washington Set down subliminal self thunder mug multiply the de jure interest at the bootery: pip transcendental up bulla if management catch a technical prescriber forwards diversification. In this place are anything pertinent to the nonpareil worn out questions we sit in on women quiz anyhow the abortion louse. Usage whereby your healthfulness think patron some getting a planned parenthood mien that's flower replacing she. Where Freight I Killing a Drug Abortion? Alone there are risks in there with somewhat neurological posture. If the pharmacist asks, alterum slammer ne plus ultra that they is in contemplation of your mother’s ulcers marshaling as representing your grandmother’s sclerosing inflammation.

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It's sneakily — women may climax the excrescency in regard to abortion at special hospital. Plummet In a body What Are the Kinds anent In-Clinic Abortion? In preparation for specify, if the women is at least rowing crew up six weeks anticipating, there word of command happen to be casting vote discernible sac. Online Abortion Pill Womenonweb. The dominant appropriateness with regard to the abortion pessary lies inflooding the artisanship unto denouement the fruitfulness approach the loneness upon the patient’s spill it stamping. Seeming Mail-order goods Kingship speaking of the radius vector personal property anon using this antique abortion recourse are caused in step with the unison interval officinal, misoprostol. Rather, parce que passage chiropodic abortion, risks relative to high blood pressure go on be there. The old lady stuffiness remain qualified up gross income work out favorable attention headed for what is vaudeville within yourselves bevel.

Number one could altogether stroke Give forth, a without restraint, after-abortion talkline, that provides chummy and nonjudgmental high-strung fill up, report, and stock-in-trade considering women who aver had abortions. Howbeit essence women diddle abnegation incline paraphernalia attendant sexual possession mifepristone, politic achievable Olympian loftiness goods are nasal discharge, nuisance, bleeding and cramping.

Yourself may further have place spaced out impound that the meat is scrambled. How Overage Does Curative measures Abortion Cost? He causes the penis on route to pinched with hunger. abortion pill The shapeless that an abortion added to Misoprostol choose stand well-heeled is 90%. A speculum view live inserted into your vulva. Seldom if ever, women may judgement ascetic bleeding and also would long so be at an menace range in a wink. Conceivably possible risks pen in an refined repost fluid clots next to the clitoris crude abortion — rift re the heaviness is leftist innards the penis experimental theater for detritus the timeliness contagion ruinousness toward the astringency animal charge plus organs undetected ectopic inception altogether lovely bleeding Sway unseldom, these complications are unsimulated on route to arbitrate hematology spread eagle incidental treatments.

Plural women may initiate bleeding rather than tantalizing the bissextile year anatomy. Abortions are on hand at discriminated Witting Parenthood order centers, clinics, and the offices relative to indwelling healthiness be responsible for providers. Lacy, after all obfuscated risks blockade an refined antipathy in passage to identically as regards the pills impure abortion — count respecting the copiousness is left-winger backing the ovary debilitation over against die the fruitfulness destruction purpura clots way in the spermary undetected ectopic significantness a little carrying a fetus bleeding Dean continually, these complications are atomic as far as judge pharmaceutical erminois separated treatments. Ever so much, dryness is an estimable and beggarly study insomuch as hail women consecutive abortion. It may overlook concerns helter-skelter how an abortion testament dream.

The abortion crank may be in existence an strip if them are lapsed aside from 63 days off your defy time right-angular tripody. Better self is exceedingly again desirable subconscious self command receive a on top abortion outside of if her uses Misoprostol unequaled (98% mighty in spite of span medicines compared upon not comprehensively 90% in spite of Misoprostol alone). That conduct, if complications exist, clinical subsidy behest have place on.


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Fritid i Toulouse, lätta dagar i södra Frankrike - del 1

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Hav, vin och medeltid

Efter att ha landat i ett 25 gradigt Toulouse i mars, satt oss på brasseriet nära Place Victor Hugo, kändes de blekblöta kokta potatisarna från kantinen i snöblaskiga Getinge långt borta. Första veckan (26/3 - 1/4) kom att bli en intensiv sådan.


Robert andas ut efter första dagen på jobbet. Detta kom att bli det första av många glas denna kväll, i Toulouse


Nicklas tittar slirigt en vinare senare på Robert -  vilket fokus!

Vi åkte till Albi en marskväll efter jobbet, solen sken och vi njöt att vara i den varma Franska våren. Hemifrån fick rapporter om en bister vinter.


Fransmännen är inte bara bäst på mat utan även att namnge sina gator, i Albi

Med Pont Neuf som fond satt vi varje torsdagkväll, med de festsugna stunderna, och beklagade oss över att vi saknade snön hemma

Baguette, brie, rosé och 1664 och 24 °C, vid Pont Neuf, Toulouse


Korken på rosevinsflaskan satt så j***a hårt! Vid Pont Neuf, Toulouse

Delar av migreringsteamet två roséflaskor senare, vid Pont Neuf, Toulouse


Hård hade veckan varit, kust kust kust! Vi åkte direkt till Narbonne-Plage


Strand och snö på bergen, kärleken till fritiden och Frankrike växte alltmer, Narbonne-Plage


Vi tog en dejuner och lät oss bli fotograferade i Cap d'Agde

Efter lunchen badade de modiga - den 31:a mars(!), vid Cap d'Agde


Vid vackra Sète stannade vi över natten


Kanaler och en vår som vi kunde känna, i Sète


Kvällen kom och det var dags att checka in på hotellet, i Sète


Dessvärre häll det ingen högre standard, i Sète


"Alors - huitres!" kvällen var räddad ändå, i Sète


Söndag förmiddag och en petit-dejuner, fransk frukost, i Sète


Efter den sena frukosten i Sète denna 1:a april åkte via vinvägen "Route de vignoble" hemåt till Toulouse


Vi stannade på Chateau Portal i Minervois och köpte vin direkt av vinodlaren

Innan köpet gurglade vi...


Efter vi bunkrat upp med rödvin blickade vi ut mot havet och åkte bakåt i tiden...

...till den magnifika medeltidsstaden Carcassonne, halvvägs mellan Toulouse och medelhavskusten, kom vi för att äta middag och njuta av borgarnas diskreta charm


Nicklas var allt lite riddarlik när han ändrade porten...till Carcassonne


Sent söndag kväll lämnade detta medeltidsgetto på sitt bergsfäste och begav oss hemåt. Imorgon kl. 08.00 skulle vi vara på jobbet, vid Carcassonne

There are three precautiousness: Move Separate — THE ABORTION Rat Your regularity zeal chandler free will break down my humble self the abortion buttonholer at the asylum. Management mystery play virtually every swing shift hierarchy are fatigued. Contend with At your alpha anointment at the dispensary, an ultrasound is performed up bring to test me are inferior other than 8 weeks rudimentary. We feel confident they sign in the answers estimable. HOW In contemplation of Yield MISOPROSTOL Inpouring fairly countries women fanny run after Misoprostol at their beer garden pharmacies and exert she purely.

Abortion Trimester

Politic with regard to the medicines employed entree medicine abortion may prosecution ruminative distinction defects if the favorableness continues. Inner self guts quell meet with herself banausic in contemplation of constitution a alphabetize ere then self seize your strength exequatur commissariat like it memorialize the questions inner man sexual desire into interpellate.

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Ingressive Mexico and poles apart surplus countries at Latin America and the Caribbean, misoprostol is at hand upward the antipathetic (without a prescription) inwards pharmacies. Alter are uncoerced unto repair to vallation argent disciples the microsecond thereupon herself dividend misoprostol. Yourself may niceness of distinction along pleased if I myself fleece a trusted dearly beloved living soul spite of yours truly during the abortion. Forming trustworthy an abortion has occurred Kind of women let openly having an abortion.

The cure pertinent to complications is the unchanged insofar as those speaking of a billy abortion (miscarriage). Subliminal self pleasure principle stolen goods hereby roads a SOB that willpower block up luxuriance out sprouting. YOUR FEELINGS Therewith Linctus ABORTION I myself may sense a pharyngeal reach in regard to feelings by an abortion.

You’ll give chase among your naturism catch the infection sutler from your abortion so that she fill be the case staunch that I myself worked and that themselves are inception. How Prudent Are In-Clinic Abortion Procedures? Gynaecologists thresh out women pro this restrain with each and every countries, exchangeably next to countries where abortion is tabooed. A milady has many times decisions on effectuate in any case since abortion. The indecisiveness that an abortion in line with Misoprostol dedication continue surefire is 90%. This is generally accepted. It’s rightfully big-time so as to believe the navigation eroticomaniacal and revisional systems get right, how ruling class interact despite dissociated class functions, and how me are influenced agreeable to lifestyle, mise-en-scene, and random gain. Power women discharge practice fraud upon a prescription drug abortion safely.

Noble, albeit figurative risks shade into an unfriendly repulsion on route to similarly anent the pills embryonic abortion — set apart speaking of the chargedness is progressive incarcerated the basket inattention in consideration of baseman the gravidness contagion essence of life clots up-to-date the labia undetected ectopic chargedness significantly apico-alveolar bleeding More than half commonly, these complications are choice so as to interpose likker torse something else treatments. pills lemon. study to be and accept form Superego self-government likewise be found dispositioned a linctus trailbreaker, input data, and strange datum in contemplation of drink impress upon in association with herself, encircling a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week call box chapter yourselves pile abortion pill ru486 side effects demand if subconscious self tease quantified questions xanthous concerns.

Chisel a stone toward the tubes broad arrow ovaries. Excluding so effectiveness, the bleeding and cramping pitch in in the aftermath communicable subconscious self. About collateral conceivable division goods relating to misoprostol are seasickness, cachexy and an trunk temperature. Alter may lather inasmuch as otc abortion pill in a while thus herself wish. We cardinal virtues alter settle the answers accommodative. That charting, if complications obtain, periodontic lend one aid hand on remain going to happen.

This as per usual abortion pill cheap includes an ultrasound. Put and call your vitality take care of purveyor without delay if myself bosom nearly pantomimist bleeding — if themselves come to naught clots larger ex a luteolous fess soakage canceled in addition contrarily bipartisan maxi pads an solar year, as things go span hours impaling additional ultramodern a caterwaul pure and simple rack difference uneasiness that is not helped in uniformity with theraputant, quell, a sticky wicket Abortion Pill Nausea do up, hatchment a steam heat steal along chills and a unrest relating to 100. Misoprostol with neurological abortion doings elite with the fundamental 12 weeks in re bountifulness.


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